Monday, June 1, 2009

Cream City Update Plus!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to share some fairly exciting news.

1) The Cream City Comics (with Bud Burgy, Inc.) library is available on Amazon now. I received an Email (from Lulu) last week informing me Heavee Underground was submitted to Amazon. I later found out the Muscles & Fights series, including Muscles & Frights, is available through Amazon too. Good news. Thanks to all the contributors involved!

2) As of today, Sam Kieth's My Inner Bimbo and Scott Morse's newest Ancient Book are available for purchase. My Inner Bimbo has been packaged a bit differently than Ojo was... it's much bigger (which translates to more raw looking art).

3) I saw Yeah Yeah Yeahs play at The Rave last night. Of course, Karen O and company did everything right... which included an acoustic version of their breakthrough hit Maps. But the real treat of the evening was the opening band, Grand Ole Party. The San Diego trio blew the lid off the joint. I picked up a copy of their DH Records debut, Humanimals, and received a free CDR sample from their upcoming September release. The disc includes two songs... You Can't See Me and Love Button... which are nothing short of brilliant. If you like checking out live gigs, this is probably the show you don't want to miss this year. And support Grand Ole Party with your 10 bucks... you won't be disappointed.