Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cream City Shorts

Hey all! Back with some more 'shorts'.

1) I was fortunate enough to pick up Anthology #2 of Yves Chaland's Lombard series recently. I feel horrible for not looking into his work much earlier. It seems he was light years ahead of the comics industry [stylistically]. The subject matter in his work was also ahead of the times. Chaland took true European hstorical events and created action/crime noir/comedy/dramas around them. He passed away at the early age of 33 in 1990. Humanoids has collected his Lombard series in two oversized, hardcover volumes. Pick them up!

2) The latest Lutefisk Sushi seems to have been a massive success. I'm so jealous of the Twin Cities lot. I'm sure there'll be photos of the event on

3) Jim 'food one' Mahfood dropped Mix Tape, an art book packed with his color flyer/poster work, and Stupid Comics: Phoenix Edition some weeks ago. I've been a huge supporter of his work for years and these are some sweet additions to any/all Mahfood collection.

4) The long-awaited third Portishead album dropped last week. If you don't already have it, it's called... THIRD... and it's amazing. They sped up the tempo on a few tracks and even included some acoustic surprises. It turns out to be worth the wait.

5) Ever heard of Holly Golightly? If you haven't but have seen Broken Flowers, you've at least heard her voice. She sings on The Greenhornes' There Is An End. She's also appeared on some White Stripes' tunes. I dig her voice... her solo stuff is some fine listening. Check her out.

6) An official Heavee Underground [Cream City] release party is finally in the works. I'll update you as the plan solidifies. If all goes well, should be happening 25 July 2008.

Keep supporting your local and non-local underground/indie scenes.

Have a great week!