Monday, May 18, 2009

Cream City on Cavallaro

Hello everyone!

I'm back with some good old-fashioned gushing over a comics veteran I've only just discovered. As I surfed to learn more about him on the 'net', I was disappointed with how little available reviews there are... thus, the following gush fest.

Mike Cavallaro started his career in comics studying at the Joe Kubert school (later dropping out for Rock'n'Roll)... then... coloring for Valiant in the '90s (remember them). He also produced work for DC cards. But, as the dust from the '90s comics explosion settled, he shifted gears... expanding his skillset in animation. As a member of the Deep6 and a regular contributor to ACT-I-VATE web comix, Mike has created several fine sequential gems including the book which brought him to my attention... PARADE (with fireworks).

PARADE easily exhibits the imagination and prowess of its creator. The command of space, design, ink, color, light, shadow, emotion and pacing are all on... erm... parade in this graphic historical biography. I won't go into the specific visuals or storyline here because I believe a large part of the excitement the reader gets from a comic is discovering them on his/her own. I will say the price point, $12.99 US, is an absolute steal. And the packaging? Fugetaboutit.

Big thanks is due to Shadowline/Image Comics for helping Cavallaro realize the printed version of his creation. Let's hope works like PARADE, TRANSIT, MISSING THE BOAT and SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO become a regular thing at Shadowline.




**Note: On the inside back cover of PARADE (with fireworks) you'll see a cool looking title called MISSING THE BOAT. The creative team on that book is Shady and DWELLEPHANT... not Wellephant. Respect to the Cream City legend. Check out the links listings to learn more about both Cavallaro and Dwellephant.