Monday, April 28, 2008

Cream City Shorts

Hello all!

Just dropping in with a few entertainment suggestions you may wanna look into.

1) Brian Jonestown Massacre: My Bloody Underground 'A' Records. First debuted as a rough mix @, the latest release by indie champion Anton Newcombe is finally available in CD format. Still very lo-fi, this album serves as a departure for the band as well as a natural shift. Past tunes like Starcleaner and Seer hinted this album would eventually come.

2) David Lines: The Modfather/My Life With Paul Weller. While in the UK (with Bud Burgy) promoting our Muscles & Fights anthology series I stumbled across this little gem of literature. This autobiography moves along nicely with the music of The Jam and Style Council as a soundtrack to modern living. A great story of a young boy stumbling his way to manhood... accompanied by the music, desert boots, Fred Perry shirts, white 501 Levi's and smart hair cuts... this book is a keeper (whether or not you're a Mod).

3) Wes Anderson: The Darjeeling, LTD. I don't know whether you're into indie films... especially of the Anderson variety... but you should definitely check out his latest. Accompanied by the short film he debuted on the internet, this film is filled with all the stuff I love about modern cinema.

That's all for now.

Have fun and be safe... and support independent music, literature, film and COMICS!



Friday, April 18, 2008

Cream City Comics: Promotionalize

Hello all!

I'm back... after a much needed break away to work on some other projects and a trip to Spain. On that note, should the opportunity ever present itself, visit Malaga. If you've ever been to Puerto Rico (the greatest island in the Caribbean), you have an idea of how amazing Malaga is. More than anything else, the Spanish seem to have a firm grip on one vital life skill... how to enjoy... erm... life. On second thought, stay away from Malaga! I love it and I'd like to keep it all to myself.

Enough of that. I'd like to turn you onto three new releases you may or may not have in your personal library yet... Muscles & Fights III: Muscliest & Fightiest (Bud Burgy/Cream City Comics), Far Arden (Kevin Cannon) and Three Shadows (First/Second/Cyril Pedrosa). 

Now, as much as I'd like to brag about the quality of the last installment in the Muscles & Fights trilogy, I think you should head on over to and see for yourself. Bud's been kind enough to put a link up that'll take you to our store at 

A few interviews ago I hosted Kevin (I'm just beggin' for Amado to break my hands) Cannon right here @ the Cream City Comics blogspot. Well, as mentioned before, Kevin released Far Arden recently and has given me more reason to break said hands. I'm on the hunt and, if you're an artist with any amount of self-respect, you oughta join me. Of course, you could simply head over to Kevin's site (linked here under the Twin Cities) and hope he's still got copies to sell. 

All joking aside, I think Kevin Cannon is among the greatest living cartoonists. Support his work and improve your library. 

Finally, there is Three Shadows by French animator-turn-genius-funny book creator... Cyril Pedrosa. Pedrosa has put together a monster of an emotional tale in Three Shadows and you owe it to your permanent library to have this work included therein. First/Second has a much deserved reputation for a [pretty much] flawless collection of masterworks... all stuff I wish I'd done. 

That's all for now. I hope you're all revved up for summer... by the looks of where the indie comics scene is headed... it's gonna be a scorcher. 



Friday, April 4, 2008

Cream City Comics: Heavee?

Hello again!

It's Friday night and soon I'll be out enjoying it.

I thought I'd answer a question which recently came to my attention. Why is 'heavy' spelled 'heavee' in Heavee Underground? The answer is very simple, actually. Years ago, when the thought was to put it together as an anthology, I was talking to Jim Mahfood, Mike Huddleston and Dave Crosland about the concept.

They all seemed to be down to do whatever I needed for the book... providing their schedules allowed. I was picking up Dave & Deb's anthology and Dave wrote "Heavee!!!" on the cover. On the first page of the book he wrote "Yes!". I dug his spelling of the word and decided to lift it for my book. I've since noticed there are a few DJs also using that spelling. Damn! I thought it was a totally original spelling Dave came up with.

I kinda look at it the way the underground cats in the '60s started using "comix" instead of "comics" or how Krazy Kat is spelled without a single 'c'. We're still using "comix" and hero worshipping Herriman today. I hope Heavee Underground endures half as long.

I hope that wraps the question up nicely with some sort of sense. And for those scrutinizing the spelling with such fervor... shame on you. It's only a funny book.

Have a great weekend. Be safe.



Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cream City Continued... Zeph Farmby

Hello again!

Back from my trip and ready for another. I had such a good time.

Anyway, I'm happy to be calling attention to the super talented Zeph Farmby once again. He was recently interviewed and was kind enough to lend me the link. I've included it here for you to check out at your convenience. Enjoy.

By the way, I also picked up Tim Sievert's That Salty Air today. It's a gorgeous book at a very affordable price (only 10 bucks). At 110 pages, that's 11 pages free. Have that!