Friday, April 4, 2008

Cream City Comics: Heavee?

Hello again!

It's Friday night and soon I'll be out enjoying it.

I thought I'd answer a question which recently came to my attention. Why is 'heavy' spelled 'heavee' in Heavee Underground? The answer is very simple, actually. Years ago, when the thought was to put it together as an anthology, I was talking to Jim Mahfood, Mike Huddleston and Dave Crosland about the concept.

They all seemed to be down to do whatever I needed for the book... providing their schedules allowed. I was picking up Dave & Deb's anthology and Dave wrote "Heavee!!!" on the cover. On the first page of the book he wrote "Yes!". I dug his spelling of the word and decided to lift it for my book. I've since noticed there are a few DJs also using that spelling. Damn! I thought it was a totally original spelling Dave came up with.

I kinda look at it the way the underground cats in the '60s started using "comix" instead of "comics" or how Krazy Kat is spelled without a single 'c'. We're still using "comix" and hero worshipping Herriman today. I hope Heavee Underground endures half as long.

I hope that wraps the question up nicely with some sort of sense. And for those scrutinizing the spelling with such fervor... shame on you. It's only a funny book.

Have a great weekend. Be safe.