Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cream City @ Fallcon

Hello all!

Well, Fallcon '08 is behind us. Hopefully, some of you made it and were able to enjoy all the new releases and activities.

The shipping gods were not with us, and Muscles & Frights was only represented by a proof copy. Still, people stopped by to have a look.

The International Cartoonist Conspiracy was out in full force. A tip of the ICC fez to all involved in setting the lounge. Ideas are already flying about what can be done to improve the scene and raise awareness next year.

Although, the convention year (for most) is over there is still time and opportunity to catch-up on your Muscles & Fights/International Cartoonist Conspiracy reading. Click away on the links featured on this blog learn more.

Have a great time at your local shop today.