Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Muscles & Frights... The Beast Unleashed!

Hello all,

At long last, Muscles & Frights... the resurrected corpse of our Muscles & Fights trilogy (thanks Kevin)... has been proofed, and is available for purchase at www.lulu.com

I'll be honest with you, kind reader, I've never been so proud of my own publication. This book most definitely takes the series Bud Burgy and I put our collective pint-adled brains behind to the next level. Thanks so much to every contributor involved (see a full list at www.musclesandfights.com). Special thanks -once again- is due to Kevin McCarthy, Dan Olson, Marcus Muller, and Bernie Gonzalez. Without your input it wouldn't have been the same party.

Fallcon marks the soft release for the book (along with Muscliest & Fightiest). Our full-on fright fest will be slashing its way to you 31 October 2008... Halloween. Yes, this means we'll be throwing another release party... costumed this time around.

See you this weekend.