Monday, September 22, 2008

Cream City Update!

Hello all!

I'm back from NYC and in good company.

I thought you might like to know we think we've finally got all the kinks (not the band) out of Muscliest & Fightiest, and Muscles & Frights is already uploaded on

It's been a "topsy-turvy weird year"... but all has worked out for the best. Thanks so much to all kind enough to support our crazy trilogy. Special thanks to all encouraging us to put together more works... such enthusiasm spawned Muscles & Frights, afterall. On the subject of Muscles & Frights, BIG THANKS to Dan Olson, Marcus Muller and Bernie Gonzalez for their help in taking the series to the next level.

Make sure you get out to Fallcon. We'll be there with the entire boozin' & brusin' Bud Burgy, Inc./Cream City Comics library. I'll also have original art for sale!!!

Until next time...