Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cream City Conversations with Kevin Cannon

Hello all!

I'm back with another e-interview. This time up is a cartoonist I hold in the highest regard. His praise-worthy work has never left anything but dumbstruck... so it's always nice to have an excuse to hype his unholy name.

1) For the uninitiated, your name and location?

Kevin Cannon, Minneapolis MN.

2) What have you been up to lately? What projects have you been attached to in the first 6 months of 2008?

I found a publisher for "Far Arden", and I'm writing the script for a second Shanks book.

*Note: I've mentioned Far Arden here before. Kevin was kind enough to autograph a copy from his self-published small print run. I think it's absolutely brilliant. There isn't enough time or energy to say just how much I admire Kevin and his craft. -AR

3) When and where can people pick up and/or see these works?

Far Arden will come out April 2009. I also co-illustrated a book called "The Stuff of Life", which is a non-fiction graphic novel about genetics and DNA, and that's coming out in January. Zander Cannon also did illustrations and Mark Schultz wrote it.

*Note: If you don't know, anything Kevin and Zander team-up for is a book worth purchasing. So, cop it when it's released! -AR

4) What projects and events are on the horizon? Do you have release dates in-mind at present? If so, indulge us.

Zander Cannon and I are illustrating a graphic novel for Simon & Schuster. That one will be coming out summer '09.

5) Have you been working in any new mediums or experimenting with your known style and tools, at all?

I'm rediscovering the series 7 brush, and doing some acrylic painting.

6) If you've been trying new things, share a bit of your thoughts on that process.

Painting in acrylic has always been difficult for me because I can never get the fine lines and smooth gradients I see in my head. So now I'm trying to embrace that, and work bigger and not worry too much about details. Working in black & white all day makes working with paint a real trip.

*Note: Something tell me your exploration in acrylics will be even grander than your established work in black & white. You may quote me on that, folks. -AR

7) Do you keep a sketchbook? If so, what do you get out of this process? Do you think it's a good thing, in general, for an artist to do?

No, I never got into sketchbooks. I keep lots of notebooks for writing, but I mainly do sketches on loose leaf paper so I can move them around easily and put them in a folder when I'm done with them.

8) Do you ever use these sketchbook drawings for your printed works? If so, please explain how the sketchbook art informs your finished work.

Sometimes doodles will end up becoming stories, but these are on random sheets of paper, not in a sketchbook. The character Elephant Bear was doodled on a book convention program cover, and later became a short comic story.

9) With convention season in full swing, where can the> comic book reading public expect to see you and purchase your merchandise [personally]?

Nowhere this summer, but I'll be at FallCon this fall.

*Note: Stop by and pick-up whatever Kevin and his pals have at FallCon... you won't be sorry you did. -AR

10) The big convention this year has got to be Fallcon 2008. If you plan to be there, will you have anything special for that particular show?

It's always nice to have a new mini-comic for each show, so I'll try to produce something like that. Nothing in the works yet, though!

11) Now we're caught up on what you're doing and where we can see this year. What are you reading and watching these days? Is there any particular book or film you'd like to make sure people are looking for?

I've been big into Eric Rohmer's films lately. I highly recommend "The Aviator's Wife." Other than that I've been reading "Kon-Tiki" by Thor Heyerdahl and "The South Pole" by Roald Amundsen.

12) Anything already in the works for 2009?

Just that Simon & Schuster book.

13) Do have any other thoughts you'd like to share?

If you're going to the San Diego Con, say hi to Zander! He'll be in artist's alley.

Thanks, Kevin!

Next up is an artist who is even more enthusiastic about Kevin's work than I am. Stop in next week to learn more about this amazing talent.