Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cream City Commentary

Hello all!

We've still got a few days before I post the next 'conversation' but I wanted to drop in and mention a couple of things.

1) I recently picked up the Batman: Gotham Knights 2-disc DVD... WOW! I'd already seen the leaked animated feature-length film, but I had to own yet another brilliant Studio 4 Degrees/Madhouse/Production IG team-up. Why did I opt for the 2-disc set (which cost me 7 bucks more)? A documentary on Bob Kane and 4 Bruce Timm Batman: Animated Series episodes. Now... I'm not really a superhero comics reader/show viewer. But I love the Legends Of The Dark Knight episode based on various takes on the caped crusader. And I'm an absolute sucker for a good documentary. If it interests you at all... check it out.

2) My partner-in-crime, Bud Burgy, took time out of his insane schedule to post a special Halloween/Muscles & Frights piece by Muscles & Fights alum Marcus Muller. If you've seen Marcus' stories in the Muscles & Fights books you know he's an amazing talent. This latest offering drives the point further. Check it out at

So that's it, for now. Get back to Mark's interview... or drawing your own comics... or reading some cool indie comics. Will ya?!