Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All Apologies

I can't believe it's been so long since I logged on here.

Well, I was in Spain for two weeks and I've been job hunting as well as wrapping up my time with those 7th and 8th grade kids I wrote about before.

Let me say, the work with the kids ended up working out all right. I'm not saying it was all we set out to produce (not as many kids did the work as we'd hoped), but we produced the page count we wanted. Actually, those little buggers exceeded what we'd reported we'd have for the final project.

For the final product, we put together a book from the comic book pages the kids produced. Unfortunately, time was not on our side so we went with a different packaging than I'd originally hoped for. In the end, it's about the kids' not my wants and desires.

I hope we planted a few seeds of what one can do when one puts his/her mind to it and follows through on paper.

Much respect and thanks is due the great Zeph Farmby for his efforts while I was in Spain. He's an amazing talent... more than that... he's a cool cat with as much soul as he's got skills.

The interviews will make their return soon... seriously.