Monday, February 18, 2008

Cream City Coverage: Anthologize

Hello everyone!

This week I thought it might be a good idea to share some of my favorite anthologies. I don't know about you but I love those fine collections of talented storytellers.

Why do I love anthologies so much? There are a few very good reasons...

1) More bang for your buck. Anthologies [typically] have a much larger page count than your average graphic novel.

2) Originality... anthologies have nothing to compete with save other anthologies. How do they handle the competition? Themed collections, and packaging/general dress.

3) Varied storytelling techniques/approach and style while dealing with the same subject matter.

4) Marketing... athologies can't be marketed and hyped like other books. If an anthology doesn't have the goods, it's more difficult to get consumers to spend their cold, hard cash. This is why the first 3 items on my list really matter most.

My love for anthologies varies... based on the publisher. The quality of the art/story is not what varies as much as the quality of the overall package. And this will be my jumping off point for this weeks entry.

Publisher: AdHouse Books

Title: Project Telstar

Theme: Futuristic/Sci-fi/Fantasy

Packaging: Embossed and die-cut over

Cool factor: Metallic blue ink for color

Publisher: AdHouse Books

Title: Project Superior

Theme: Superheroes

Packaging: Old, tattered, pulp-look cover

Cool factor: Truly new approaches to the superhero genre

Publisher: AdHouse Books

Title: Project Romantic

Theme: Love/Romance

Packaging: Strong, simple, romantic design cover

Cool factor: Completes the "Project" trilogy

Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Title: Happy Endings

Theme: Strong focus on story endings

Packaging: Frank Miller cover

Cool factor: Features a black & white Sam Kieth story

Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Title: Autobiographix

Theme: Authors tell true personal tales

Packaging: Inkwash artwork, grade a stock and cover design

Cool factor: Will Eisner's tale of the day he first felt like a true artist

Publisher: Image Comics

Title: Afterworks

Theme: Animator collective takes on comics

Packaging: Strong graphic design

Cool factor: The anthology animation/comics fans have been waiting for

Publisher: Image Comics

Title: Four Letter Worlds

Theme: Authors tell tales inspired by a four letter word

Packaging: Pastel-colored graphic design

Cool factor: Scott Morses' tale about his passion for and drive in art

Publisher: Bud Burgy/Cream City Comics

Title: Muscles & Fights

Theme: "I like it when there's muscles... and they fight".

Packaging: Neon-colored coffee table look

Cool factor: United Midwestern comics front

Publisher: Pulpo Press

Title: Pulpo

Theme: EnterVoid warriors attack paper with ink

Packaging: Slick and explosive artwork colored by Galvo

Cool factor: The raw energy of EnterVoid sans a computer screen

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

Title: Best American Comics

Theme: Established underground creators select short stories created by other underground artists

Packaging: Hardcover

Cool factor: It's the inaugural comics volume of the "Best American" series

There are certainly lots more out there I've missed or haven't yet read. But theses babies really get it right.

What? That's not enough?

Check out a book published by Ait/Planet Lar called Monster Attack Network:

Happy reading.