Wednesday, February 22, 2012

City On The King!


A few weeks ago, an (relatively) old friend of mine, Marcus Muller, contacted me regarding a new website he'd launched. It's for a beautifully colored webcomic called The King Of The Unknown. There is a fine polish to the site and work itself, and I'd expect no less from him. Marcus has a keen eye for details and environments. As an added bonus, Mister Muller has a twisted sense of humor. He and his brother, Michael Roanhaus, created the work a few years ago. At first viewing I recall thinking... and, maybe, even mentioning to a few people... what evil geniuses these guys are.

If you dig the vibe & humor of comics/films like Hellboy, Tank Girl, The Umbrella Academy, The Perhapanauts, The Evil Dead, Man With The Screaming Brain and (of course) Bubba Ho-Tep, you are likely to find something to love in KotU. Rather than try to explain what the webcomic is about, I've decided to take a quote from Marcus on how he came to stumble upon this labor of love. I've omitted some names mentioned in this quote. In the end, this blog entry is about Marcus and his creation.

"It started a few years back when my friend [name omitted] was putting together an anthology called Muscles & Fights with [name omitted], featuring mostly work from Midwest comic creators. Their first volume had already been out for a while when [name omitted] invited me to contribute something to their second. While at first I had no idea what to make for it, I decided that whatever it was, it certainly had to feature either muscles or fights. Finally I decided to play it mainly for laughs, and came up with a humorous fight comic about Elvis brawling with Bigfoot...".

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Marcus has added Facebook and Twitter links and a newsletter sign-up, as well as a cool "extras" section, on the site for those who can't get enough of the King via the regular entries.

So, please click the title of this entry to be transported to their rockin' urban legends.

"When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and in movies. I grew up believing this dream." - Elvis Presley

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