Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back To The City

Hello everyone!

With Fallcon over, I'm back in Cream City.

There was plenty of amazing product to pick up at the con:

Bud Burgy and I had the entire Muscles & Fights library, including the Halloween special (Muscles & Frights). All these releases can be purchased at Lost World Of Wonders-MKE, The Source-MPLS/SP, and Chicago Comics-CHI as well as lulu.com and amazon.com. We're especially proud of the manner in which Muscles & Frights raised the bar on brawling goodness. Big thanks to those who gave up their hard-earned cash for a copy.

Danno was there with his Manly Tales Of Cowardice monster of a franchise. It's always good to see him so busy with fans of the series. He and Bud are hard at work with their Continuity Guy ongoing... do yourself a favor.

Kevin Cannon had his amazing Top Shelf/fancy pants HC edition of Far Arden. Of course, it just makes me feel extra special for owning one of the 100 self-published copies he sold prior to striking it rich. The guy blows me away with his attention-to-detail presentation.

Sam Hiti was also there with his shiny-covered historical series. You can always count on him to have plenty of new merch to choose from.

The really big news and, for my money, greatest value for buck at the show was BIG FUNNY. Congratulations to Steve Stwalley, Zander Cannon, and the rest of the International Cartoonist Conspiracy for their efforts!

Special thanks to Dan Olson, Justin Cermak and Ryan Dow for the time they took to catch me up on what they have in the works.

For any and all curious about what these talented individuals are spilling their life-blood to produce, hop on over to the links found on this blog. Happy hunting.

That's all, for now.