Thursday, July 30, 2009

Psychedelic Son of the City

Hello again!

It's been a while since I had something excite me enough to write about it. Today, the silence can be broken.

Last year I was introduced to the art of Stan Ewert, the son referred to in the title of this entry. I was effectively blown away at first glance. Stan is one of the scariest cats you've never heard of. Mix Crumb, Escher, Final Fantasy Tactics, classic D&D, 60s-70s poster art, add a dash of Stairway To Heaven and you are just scratching the surface of the first Ewert mindtrip I was exposed to a year ago.

Until very recently, his works were reserved for a private collection of connected pieces of Ewert's imagination. But lucky art freaks everywhere can finally purchase prints of what is sure to become a heavy underground sensation.

For a more intimate idea of what I'm gushing about, head over to

If you're attending Wizard World Chicago, check out Alberto 'Ponbiki' Rios in Artist's Alley. He'll have graphic novels, sketchbooks, original art and other great swag to choose from.

One last thing...

Tank Girl tpbs will finally be available in the original black & white versions. The books will be packed with cool extras. I have ONE and it's far superior to the 'colour' versions already in circulation.