Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Booty

Hello everyone!

Sorry to disappoint, but the title above is in no way a reference to the latest hit from the flavor of the week in the rap game. The title doesn't refer to a new Chris Rock comedy routine either. I'm simply sharing some cool stuff I've been fortunate enough to get my grubby mitts on recently.

1) Title: Bardin the Superrealist. Author: Max (Francesc Capdevila). Publisher: Fantagraphics Books. This hardcover collection of psychedelic strips written and illustrated by the Spanish artiste (Max) was released in 2006, but I've only now discovered the gem. God, art, vice, life, death, philosophy... no stone is left unturned in a style familiar to fans of Walt & Skeezix, Krazy Ignatz and Jimmy Corrigan.

2) Title: Notes Over Yonder and Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Author: Scott Morse. Publisher: Red Window/AdHouse Books. Those fortunate fans keeping up with Scott Morse over the years have noted a constant exploration of story styles, format and presentation. This is an artist who really doesn't know the meaning of fear or limitations. Notes and Tiger! are his most recent reminders life and art are always linked firmly in the mind, soul & heart of an artist. It's worth noting Tiger! is clearly marked volume one so I'm looking forward to more in the series. If you keep up with his blog, you are aware there is a new addition to the "Ancient" book series coming our way soon. Mister Morse is also working on other projects (somehow) when not at his day job with Pixar Animation Studios.

3) Title: Birth Of A Nation. Author: Aaron McGruder/Reginald Hudlin/Kyle Baker. Publisher: Crown Publishers. Ah... politics, solcial commentary, comedy, and purty drawings enclosed between two hard covers. Reads like a dream come true, doesn't it? I thought so too. Unfortunately, it took me all of 4 years to discover this fine work. Fortunately, good art... in any medium... never grows old or stale. This is, yet, another brilliant example of comics as serious literature.

4) Title: Your Career In Animation. Author: David B Levy. Publisher: Allworth Press. Okay, Okay... no... I am not an animator. BUT... I love animation... AND... I would love to be an animator... AND... it serves as a great companion to my copies of Eisner's Shop Talk, Eisner/Miller and Comics & Sequential Art. I don't think any artist's library is complete without a small collection of books tackling the subject of art and commerce.

So... now you're probably wondering what kind of reviews I consider the above. Well, they aren't reviews at all. I'm simply passing on information in hopes you'll become interested enough to get up, get out, pick up, read and form your own opinion .