Monday, December 31, 2007

Heavee Underground Update

The newest addition to the Cream City Comics library, Heavee Underground, is awaiting the greenlight for print run.

This book has gone through a lot to finally see the light of day. It's been written and rewritten, it's gone through dialogue, redrawing and art edits. What I am releasing is abbreviated down to a 60 page story and 20 pages of extras, such as; preliminary sketches, a black & white mini-version of the cover image, pin-ups and a special 'remix' section.

I ordered a preview copy last night and, as soon as I'm happy with what I see, you'll be able to purchase your own copy from If I have my initial order in-hand for the M&F2 release party [in Minneapolis] you'll be able to purchase it from me directly and save on shipping costs.

Oh! And come back soon. Early 2008 will see interviews with Bob Lipski, Justin Cermak and [Muscles & Fights co-creator] Bud Burgy, to name a few.

Be safe tonight, but not so safe you don't have fun.

Happy New Year!